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T.B. Harris, Jr. & Associates selected for Map Act Appraisals

T.B. Harris, Jr. & Associates has been hired by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to prepare the initial appraisals concerning the Map Act issues regarding a recent North Carolina Supreme Court decision involving the NCDOT and various property owners throughout North Carolina.  Our initial efforts will be focused on the just compensation issues […]

What’s Going on?

You can’t pick up a Business Journal or Charlotte Observer without reading about   all the apartment complexes either being completed, announced, sold, etc.  What’s going on? One   indicator might be a recent article stating that an apartment complex sold   for $27.85 million and the seller originally stated their costs were $17 million.  […]

Metropolitan Charlotte – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I was thinking the other day after reading a few trade journals about how well Charlotte has weathered the recession and is moving forward.  The prudent money, however, is still using a measured response to the lack of construction over the last five to six years, not to mention the pain and suffering incurred by […]

What Do You Need and What Do We Do?

If your business is like mine, you receive phone calls and emails from clients that have two questions; 1. When can you do a specific job? 2. How much will it cost? Although these are certainly important elements of any business, our question back is often “what do you really need?” I’m finding out in my […]

MAI Appraisals & USPAP Requirements

It’s MAI, not MIA (Missing in Action).  If I had the proverbial nickel for every time someone called my office over the last 35 years and asked for an “MIA” appraisal, I would have already retired.  Likewise, I have others inquiring about our “PAP” requirements; some people get the acronym correct (USPAP). Needless to say, in […]

Mecklenburg County Reassessment – 2011 – What’s Up?

State law mandated a reassessment of all ±350,000 parcels in Mecklenburg County for the last reassessment, January 1, 2011.  Where does this stand? Pearson Appraisal Company is in the process of completing the appraisals and has a goal of mailing out 25,000 new assessments per month, meaning we should have our revised 2011 tax assessments […]

Déjà Vu All Over Again

My passion is blue water sailing.  In order to navigate effectively, one needs to monitor the wind and, in close quarters and docking, the ebb and flow of the tide.  It occurred to me recently that many professions, particularly service professions like mine and perhaps yours, need to stay abreast of “how the wind is […]

How is Business in Charlotte?

TUESDAY, AUGUST 2ND, 2011IN Uncategorized, BY admin / 0 Comments With recessionary trends continuing in the third quarter of 2011, we are often asked “how is the appraisal business in Charlotte?” There are several dynamics at play that have contributed to a healthy appraisal environment for the well-prepared, professional appraisal staff.  Note the following: Mecklenburg County reassessed all property […]

Recently at T.B. Harris, Jr. & Associates

At T.B. Harris, Jr. & Associates, we continue to work through bank related issues, property tax issues, and condemnations.  We were fortunate to have intern Danny Conn assist for the last several months, and wish him the best of luck as he completes his MBA at UNCC.  Our thanks to Danny for a job well […]