Services Overview

While we specialize in providing Commercial Real Estate Appraisals and Real Estate Consulting, our team can serve your organization in a number of additional ways such as real property legal issues and litigation support, tax appeal advisory, partnership disputes, estate appraisals and preparation, eminent domain, as well as bankruptcy analysis and appraisals. Learn more about the full array of services that our associates can provide. Call us today for more information! 704-334-4686

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

T.B. Harris, Jr. & Associates, located in Charlotte, NC, has provided commercial real estate appraisal and consulting services throughout the Southeast and mid-Atlantic for over 40 years, appraisals, market studies, tax appeals and other valuations and evaluations. Real estate valuation services are often provided for loan underwriting, disputes, condemnation situations, and the like.

Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting clients range from individuals to large corporations and government entities. Real estate consulting services and expert advice include, but are not limited to, developing strategies for property owners and businesses, feasibility studies, analyzing existing uses and alternative uses, lease analysis, commercial and multifamily market and rental studies, assisting with due diligence for buyers, pre-market analyses for sellers, and other such services. In addition, our appraising and consulting resources have expertise in special use properties including self-storage, retail and complex retail properties, marinas, lodging and hospitality uses, golf courses, condominiums, childcare facilities, racetracks and communication tower valuation.

Real Property Litigation Support & Expert Witness

Our real property litigation support and expert witness practice is based on the ability to provide professionally researched and well presented facts and information in order to support a litigation effort. These services include, but are not limited to, litigation support and strategy development for legal counsel, disputes between landlords and tenants, easement valuations, and analysis of environmentally impacted properties. These issues quite often involve extensive courtroom preparation and presentation. Other areas of litigation support and expert witness include partnership disputes, estate appraisals and preparation, eminent domain, as well as bankruptcy analyses and appraisals.

Tax Appeal Advisory

T.B. Harris, Jr. & Associates has provided consultation services and appraisal services to not only local government entities related to ad valorem tax issues, but also have represented and provided appraisal and consulting services to a number of independent property owners from corporations to financial institutions and individuals. The combination of required government revaluations for ad valorem tax purposes, coupled with the ebb and flow in real property values, has led to a disconnect between some governmental authorities and tax payers. The importance of tax appeal advisory, with professionally prepared and supported values in today's market is critical for successful and fair real property valuations.

Eminent Domain

Our team is well-experienced in eminent domain appraisals for total and partial acquisitions of land and improvements. We work with various government entities and local municipalities, as well as property owners, to establish the value of property both before and after a proposed acquisition to assist in determination of fair compensation.

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