Need Representation for Your Tax Appeal in Charlotte, NC?

We provide tax appeal advisory services for commercial properties

Counties throughout the Carolinas periodically reassess ad valorem taxes in mass appraisals. That can sometimes lead to a disconnect between governmental authorities and taxpayers. If you need to appeal your taxes for a commercial property after a mass appraisal, you can depend on the expertise of T.B. Harris, Jr. & Associates.

We advise property owners, county officials, corporations and financial institutions on matters related to ad valorem taxes. Reach out to us today at 704-334-4686 for the help you need. We are experienced in tax advisory services in Mecklenburg County, as well as Cabarrus County and other counties surrounding the Charlotte, NC area, in addition to several areas along the Carolina Coast.

Choose us for a fair, accurate assessment

Choose us for a fair, accurate assessment

Property owners, financial institutions and government entities trust us for expert advice and representation in the area of commercial real estate. We offer you:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Local expertise
  • Knowledge of atypical properties, such as stadiums, breweries and multi-use facilities

Hire us today to help with your tax appeal case or call 704-334-4686 for more information.